January 21, 2021


Maria Fernanda Martinez

The "How To Adult" series was developed using questions from my high school seniors in 2020 as they were preparing to enter the "real world". There are five chapters: Personal Finance & Budgeting, Investing & Taxes, Domestic Life, Cooking, and Jobs & Internships. I highly suggest using this during senior spring to help ease the senioritis and transition nerves. The best way to implement is as inspiration and customize it to the specific questions and needs of your students. You can find the full slides on the corresponding blog post. (:

Chapter 1: Personal Finance & Budgeting

Chapter 2: Investing & Taxes

Chapter 3: Domestic Life

Chapter 4: Cooking

Chapter 5: Jobs & Internships

The first full academic curriculum I developed was for the course History of the Americas in the International Baccalaureate Programme. Jointly with my instructional coach, Abigail Molina, we established a thematic scope and sequence that was carefully designed to provide students with context and links between historical concepts. Each of these topics have their own corresponding blog post under the same title if you're interested in the specific objectives, materials, or rationale.

Paper 1: Topic 4 – Civil Rights & Protest

  • Case Study 1: Apartheid South Africa
  • Case Study 2: U.S. Civil Rights Movement

Paper 2: Topic 8 – Independence Movements

  • Case Study 1: Vietnam
  • Case Study 2: Cuba

Paper 2: Topic 10 – Authoritarian States

  • Case Study 1: Cuba under Castro
  • Case Study 2: China under Mao

Paper 3: Topic 17 – Civil Rights & Social Movements post-1950

  • Women's Rights
  • Indigenous Peoples Rights
  • Chicano/Latinx Movement
  • Black Radicalism
  • Youth Culture & Counterculture
  • LGBTQ+ Rights

Paper 3: Topic 14 – Political Developments in Latin America

  • I did not teach a separate unit for this as it overlapped perfectly with Paper 2 Case Study 1.

Paper 3: Topic 7 – Nation Building & Challenges

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Venezuela

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