February 20, 2021

Teacher Organization

Maria Fernanda Martinez

One of the things that helped me stay sane as a new teacher was staying organized and documenting as much as possible. I want to share some of the most useful spreadsheets I developed so that you don't have to worry about shelling out the big bucks at TPT or Etsy and also don't have to reinvent the wheel!

Task Tracker Google Sheet

When we made the switch from in-person to virtual teaching back at the beginning of 2020 our manager asked us to keep track of the tasks we were completing in an easy-t0-share format. I'm traditionally a pen and paper planner so I quickly whipped this up and shared it with her in order to have a simple, accessible document to share what I was accomplishing. It can be edited and made more complex by separating it into work/personal or creating different sheets for each prep or class period, but I also liked keeping it simple because I could share it as an organization tool for students as well!

Task Tracker
Task Tracker Template
Daily Taks Monday 03/30/2020,Tuesday03/31/2020,Wednesday04/01/2020,Thursday04/02/2020,Friday04/03/2020Monday 04/06/2020,Tuesday04/07/2020,Wednesday04/08/2020,Thursday04/09/2020,Friday04/10/2020Monday 04/13/2020,Tuesday04/14/2020,Wednesday04/15/2020,Thursday04/16/2020,Friday04/17...

Student Conferences

This document has gone through several iterations but this is the one that I have found most useful so far. I am currently a small-group teacher and we are required to have conferences with parents after every exam students take because they shift levels with a passing score. This sheet allows me to have all the information I need in one document and to keep track of how many conferences I still have left to schedule or complete. You can adjust this by changing it from exam to project completion or simply use it as a way to keep track of quarterly parent communication.

Student Conferences (Template)
Quarter 1 Class Period,Student,Exam,Status,Report Card,Questions Missed,Contacted Parent,Conference Scheduled,ConferenceDate/Time (EST),Conference Notes

College Application Process Packet

This one is my favorite because I created it when I was in high school, though back then I printed it out and hand wrote everything. Now, I share this with my students as a way to stay organized through the college process, but also used it when I was applying to graduate school in order to track my own applications. The beauty of it is that it is a tried and true packet and accounts for almost everything you need. The essay portion was so helpful for me because every single school I applied to required supplemental essays and it helped to highlight similar prompts in the same color so that I didn't have to start from scratch for every writing sample.

Student Conferences (Template)
Quarter 1 Class Period,Student,Exam,Status,Report Card,Questions Missed,Contacted Parent,Conference Scheduled,ConferenceDate/Time (EST),Conference Notes

I love making documents that help keep track of the million tasks we have to complete as educators. Stay tuned for a future data tracker that I lived by when asked to track student progress and predict exam scores!

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