January 21, 2021

Higher Ed

Maria Fernanda Martinez

Some of my favorite resources for talking about higher education with students and families as well as some book recommendations for furthering your own understanding of the systems at play.

For First-Gen Low Income (FGLI) students heading into Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs) there is no resource I recommend more than Dr. Anthony Jack's work on the "Privileged Poor". You can hear him explain his own concept in this TED Talk.

Dr. Anthony Jack author of "The Privileged Poor", professor at Harvard University

Another super important but highly unspoken of tool for FGLI students to get through the trials of higher education is a strong peer group. To read more on the importance of finding a group of peers to go through college with: "The role of a 'Posse' in higher education"

For those of you in schools or districts where the SAT/ACT culture is intense it may also be helpful to read "The Big Test" by Nicolas Lemann and share some excerpts with your students. I found the more students understood about the history of these exams, the less they felt intimidated or controlled by them.

With the increased use of social media and access to information, many students have their dreams set on attending a big four year institution after high school. However, the reality is that sometimes this is not practical or even the smartest financial and academic move. Here's an article that breaks down the benefits of community colleges! (And a more academic study on the benefits: here)

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