January 21, 2021

Goal Setting with Students

Maria Fernanda Martinez

One of my favorite beginning of the school year activity to do with students is goal setting. I find that it helps establish a culture of accountability and growth.

The most comprehensive tool I have found to help with this process is the "Passion Roadmap" from Passion Planner. This is a visual tool that helps students map out what they hope to achieve by different stages in their life. It has markers for 3 months, 1 year, 3 years, and lifetime, but you may choose to edit this to make sense for your own students.

I encourage teachers to complete their own passion roadmap before using it with students so that you become familiar with the tool and also have a model to share with them. You should remind students (and yourself) that these goals are not limited to academics and profession but can include health, wellness, hobbies, and other personal aspects as well!

The roadmap is a good way to get students to look at the big picture, but the most important part of goal setting is to establish a game plan for achieving them. As educators we have been inundated with talk of SMART goals and data, but I challenge you to think of this as an opportunity to do something different.

One of my favorite podcasts I stumbled upon during 2020 is "The Lazy Genius" and Kendra's methods and ideas for "goal setting like a normal person" make me happy and more likely to stick to my own goals so I will be sharing this with my next cohort.

The final step is to provide students with the opportunity to share their goals. I preferred to have students draw or write their goals on cardstock and put those up around the classroom to double as decor. Students could choose what to share but I did ask that at least one of the goals on their sheet be academic and related to our class.

Hope this gives you some ideas and happy goal setting!

How to Set Goals Like a Normal Person — The Lazy Genius Collective
<p>Be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don’t.</p>


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