June 09, 2021

Circles of Growth (BOY activity)

Maria Fernanda Martinez

Activities + Instructions

Intro to Circles of Comfort/Growth

Adapted from: http://jamestiffinjr.com/sharing-resources-circle-of-comfort-a-growth-mindset-activity/

  • Everybody has areas and activities in which they consider themselves to be pretty comfortable, areas and activities that scare them, and areas and activities that they would never do.
  • The circles of comfort help us understand that while remaining comfortable is easy, it does not lead to growth. However, being so uncomfortable that we panic and shut down also does not lead to growth. As students and as individuals we should always be striving to push ourselves into the growth zone while being careful not to overdo it. This activity will help us figure out how learning experiences can be used to help us grow.
  • The circles are defined as follows:

Comfort Zone: this is the area where few fears exist because everything is familiar and challenges are easily met

Stretch Zone: these are situations that make you feel anxious but are         bearable (This is also known as your Growth Zone)

Panic Zone: these are the situations where you are so anxious or scared that     you shut down; survival mode

Filling in Circles

  • Project some ideas of different situations that students could place in their circles and encourage them to add their own.

Small Group Discussions

  • Students are to discuss the following questions in small groups:
  • Why is everyone's Circle of Comfort different?
  • How could you make sure that you are growing without exhausting yourself physically and mentally?

Group Brainstorm

  • How could you use this knowledge to engage in learning experiences that help you grow?
  • Brainstorm a list of learning experiences that could push people into their stretch zone without being overwhelming.

Formative Assessment

  • What are three learning experiences that would help push you to grow?
  • What is the importance of understanding our fears?

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