December 22, 2021

Among Us Review

Maria Fernanda Martinez

based on S3 strategies (Odd One Out/Which one does not belong?)

One of my favorite things about being a young teacher is being able to keep a pulse on the trends. I loved Among Us as much as our students did, but thought its moment had passed. When Gimkit put out their Among Us-like game, students were so excited to have another opportunity to play a beloved game. I realized that though they may not have been knee-deep in spaceship prep, they still loved these little characters and were excited to see them in academic settings.

I was inspired to use a tried and true review method of "odd one out" or "which one doesn't belong" and simply re-branding it as "Find the Impostor". Students practice their deductive reasoning and evidence-based explanations in a fun format.

Another variation on this is "Wrong Answers Only" adapting a tik-tok trend to standardized test review. I love using this strategy with especially easy do-nows or state-test questions to ensure students are not only memorizing content, but also developing their understanding of why some answers are incorrect and perhaps even get in the test-maker headspace.

Happy learning!

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