January 19, 2021

About Me

Maria Fernanda Martinez

Welcome to this space created with love and care for educators.

My name is María Fernanda Martínez and I'm a Chicana native to South Texas. I am especially passionate about writing curriculum and teaching in a way that does justice to the Hard Histories of historically oppressed communities in the United States. However, more broadly I'm on a journey to continue learning, growing, and developing as a historian and as a critical conscious citizen myself.

Like many in the profession I grew up wanting to be a teacher and fond of books, school, and office supplies. And though it was a bit of a winding road to get there, I am so glad I followed my heart and chose to enter the profession in 2018. I am a certified Texas Social Studies 6-12 educator, graduate of Columbia University currently pursuing an Ed. M at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

I am a proud anti-racist educator that strives to adhere to the Freirean approach of teaching for liberation and Dr. Bettina Love's practice of freedom dreaming.

"Liberation is a praxis: the action and reflection of men and women upon their world in order to transform it. Those truly committed to the cause of liberation can accept neither the mechanistic concept of consciousness as an empty vessel to be filled, nor the use of banking methods of domination in the name of liberation."– Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Paulo Freire
"Abolitionist teaching is not a teaching approach: it is a way of life, a way of seeing the world, and a way of taking action against injustice. It seeks to resist, agitate, and tear down the educational survival complex through teachers who work in solidarity with their schools' community to achieve incremental changes in their classrooms and school for students in the present day, while simultaneously freedom dreaming and vigorously creating a vision for what schools will be when the educational survival complex is destroyed." – We Want To Do More Than Survive, Dr. Bettina Love

Al final del día mi prioridad es que la próxima generación sea equipada con las herramientas y el conocimiento necesario no solo para sobrevivir, si no también para continuar la lucha y el esfuerzo por una sociedad libre.

At the end of the day, my priority is to ensure the next generation is equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary not only to survive, but also to continue the struggle and efforts for a liberated society.  

En solidaridad y con mucho cariño  //   In solidarity and with love

--La profe Martínez--

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