June 09, 2021

1968: Turning Points (mini-lesson)

Maria Fernanda Martinez

As an American Studies student I took a class entirely dedicated to the sixties. There was just so much going on in America and abroad that it is a shame how little time there is to cover it all in the traditional high school curriculum.

This is a mini-lesson using 1968 to explore the definition of "turning point" as well as to highlight the significance of the year to modern justice movements.

I align to Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) because I'm a certified Texas educator, but am also a huge fan of the "Learning for Justice: Social Justice Standards" framework. This specific lesson can align well with the Justice Anchors or Diversity Anchors.

The assessment for this mini-lesson is a quick thesis write up. I included a sentence stem as a scaffold and would also suggest you remind students to look at  a word wall or word bank to help them with academic vocabulary.

And last but not least, a quick view of the agenda. This lesson is designed to take 13 minutes, but could be easily expanded into a whole class or even a week-long project.

Extension activities:

1) Continue with the parallel timelines extended for the entire year comparing domestic and international affairs.

2) Art analysis of music, paintings, and poetry written during this time using historical lenses.

3) Debate! Turn this prompt into a debate and allow students to engage in their own research and talking-points preparation. This is great practice in research but also in making strong evidence-based arguments concisely.

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